an exercise in Formalism

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Press release

Nebel an der Donau

Pencil on paper

Rattlesnake, 2011
Wood, Paint

O.T., 2011
Framed collage

In the Noonday Sunne, 2011
Diverse materials

Alphabetical sculpture, 2011
26 different objects and materials

> From: --------------------
> To: ---------------------------
> Subject: Webster Hidden Treasures
> Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 08:27:47 -0400

> Hi Adrien,
> I am trying to solve the riddle. Tell me if I am in the right direction:
> the key hanging on the ceiling opens a room where the prize is hidden?
> 26 is part of the room number?
> tks
> have a good weekend
> alexandra

Dear Alexandra,

Thank you for taking part to the game... I think you're not quite in the right direction, so I'll give you a few hints:)

The installation with the key is called "alphabetical sculpture", and made of 26 different objects and materials... This means that each material/object stands for one letter of the alphabet.
The Key for instance stands for "K".
If you identify which are the 26 objects and materials, and for what letter they could stand, you will notice that some are intentionally placed next to each other to form some words. Then you might discover a hidden sentence in the sculpture, which will lead you to one of the hidden treasures...

An other hint: The spelling mistakes in the press release are related to the "alphabetical sculpture", they will tell you where to look.

I hope this can help you further in your quest and send you my best greetings from Holland,

> From: --------------------
> To: ---------------------------
> Subject: Webster riddle
> Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 23:03:57 -0400

> Dear Adrien,
> I have been working on the riddle and I wanted to share with you my
> findings:
> on the press release spelling mistakes I found the word, COUCH
> on the 26 alphabet sculpture, I was able to identify all 26 objects
> and found the words:
> IS
> So,,,,how am I doing?
> thanks for the feedback,
> regards
> alexandra

Dear Alexandra,

Thank you for your efforts and for sharing them with me! I'm actually a bit surprised of your findings, and would be curious how you come to that, because I'm afraid you're still not going in the right direction.

If you take the press release, you will see that there is a first spelling mistake in the title: "THE HIDEN TREASURES". The sentence to discover shall thus start with a "D" and does not include the word COUCH at all.

For the sculpture I will give you a hew hint - To decipher this kind of alphabetical code, it is always good to start by finding out which combination forms the 3-letter article "THE". Look on the Chipboard!

I wish you good luck and send you my best greetings from Switzerland,

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